We shared the milk toast because we had no idea what it would be and declared it one of our favorites. Caramelized chocolate milk is a thing, and it’s on the bread along with stone fruit jam, coconut and cashews. I have no idea why it works, but it was gone in a flash.

The cornmeal griddle cakes are made in a sheet pan like cornbread so they arrived in rectangular slabs topped with pork shoulder ragu, poached eggs and hollandaise. I took the leftovers home, of course.

Now for the strangest titled sandwich — the Gas Station. I’ve taken a lot of road trips and filled up in some wacky places, but this was new for me. Here’s the description from the menu: “hashbrowns, egg, cheese, grape jelly, sausage.” I ate it and still can’t figure it out. Let me know if you can.

So, a perfect friend sharing a perfect meal in a perfect setting. Who could ask for anything more?